In a recent news article, I read that the Archaeological Survey of India has decided to ban the use of selfie sticks at its 46 site museums across the country and that includes the Taj Mahal. The ASI has been doing some great job in restoring heritage monuments and ensuring the security of artifacts. Stone as a building material is associated with Permanence. However in today’s polluted urban environment, many kinds of stone undergo decay, some slowly and some rapidly. There has been increased focus on the preservation of rapidly decaying monuments, especially in the last three decades.

A stone impregnation sealer is a product that helps to combat the harmful effects of both time and environment. This increases the life by either restoring or by inhibiting the decay. However, it goes without saying, that it must not change the natural appearance or architectural value of the stone to any discernible degree.

Stone protection is something that is important in India with its artifacts and monuments dating back to ancient times that is so much a part of history that India is known for. Allow me to introduce my company – Killick Guard Speciality Products Limited – that can support this effort. We have an innovative range of products to clean, protect and embellish building materials. These specialty products for building industry have been marketed in India since 2009 and successfully applied on many different surfaces over lakhs of square feet. Some large and mid-sized projects have been completed giving the company strong local references. One such project is the iconic Rajabai Clock Tower, completed in 1878 and designed in its distinctive gothic style by Sir George Gilbert Scott, who modelled it after the Big Ben in London. The restoration work for this was completed in 2014 using #ProtectGuard.

Another recent example is the Swaminarayan temples at Mumbai and Pune where the beauty and elegance of the intricate carvings in this marvelous monument have been preserved thanks to one of our specialty products #ProtectGuardMGEco.

Killick Guard Specialty Products Limited imports manufacture and markets products under license from Guard Industry S.A.S, France, and CBA World. Guard Industry ( is a 25 year old Paris-based company whose principal activity is the Research, Development, and Manufacturing of eco-friendly products designed to clean, protect and decorate building materials. Guard Industry supplies an extensive range of nanotechnology-based products suited for various materials such as concrete, stone, brick, wood, and provides ideal solutions for many materials that are exposed to water penetration, staining, and graffiti. These have both hydrophobic and lipophobic properties which result in high water, oil and stain repellency and helps to protect against dirt, weather and pollution damages. This makes the surface self-cleaning and very easy to maintain thus adding years to its beauty and aesthetics. Our products are water-based and have very low VOC. They provide a breathable protection system that does not change the aspect of the surface and last exceptionally long in exterior application due to high UV resistance.
We provide specific tailor made customized solutions for all types of stones – granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, onyx, laterite, travertine, kandla etc. We also conduct workshops, seminars, and training to regularly update the knowledge and skill set for all our stakeholders – applicator base, customers, and partners.

Killick Guard protection extends to a variety of building materials not just stone. Time and pollution can also cause damage to wooden structures, exposed Concrete and GRC. The details of this, however, is for an another day.
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